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1.1  Simon King Wildlife Travel is a subsidiary of Simon King Wildlife Ltd (company number 05569155), and for the purposes of these terms and conditions shall be referred to as “SKWT”, “us” or “we”. Our guests shall be referred to as “you”.


1.2  You can book a trip with SKWT by sending an email enquiry or by contacting SKWT by telephone and discussing it with one of our representatives.

1.3  Once you have expressed an interest in joining one of our trips, we will contact you with details of the trip in question and outline the schedule of payments.

1.4  Once receipt of a deposit, made by you, has been received by SKWT, then your place on the trip will be held. Failure to submit the deposit within the specified time frame may result in your place being made available to others.



2.1 The deposit amount will be specified by SKWT to you once you have confirmed your desire to join the trip. It is usually 1/3 of the total cost of the trip. This deposit is non-refundable except in extraordinary circumstances (specified below)

2.2 Details of how to submit your deposit will be specified by SKWT, but in most cases a BACS Bank transfer is preferred.


3.1 SKWT recommends that you take out holiday insurance when you make your booking.



4.1  Once your booking has been confirmed by SKWT, after receipt of the deposit, then the balance of the holiday shall be paid no later than 9 weeks before the trip is due to commence.

4.2  You will be issued with a reminder to pay the balance in advance of this 9 week deadline.

4.3  Failure to submit the balance within 7 days of the 9 week cut off period may result in your place on the trip being offered to other guests and the loss of your deposit.



5.1  In the event of a cancellation, you may be due a partial refund which depends on when the notice of cancellation is given to SKWT before the start date of the trip. The refund is calculated as follows: 

  • Less than 21 days notice – No refund due.

  • 22 – 35 days notice – 10% of the total cost

  • 36 – 49 days notice – 20% of the total cost

  • 50 – 63 days notice – 40% of the total cost

  • More than 63 days notice – Your liability for the remainder of the balance will be waived or the balance will be refunded if this has been paid previously.

If a refund is due it will be paid within 10 working days of accepted cancellation.


5.2  If, due to extraordinary circumstances, SKWT cancels the trip, then all monies received by SKWT from you will be refunded in full. These will not include any costs uncured by you as a result of your purchasing travel insurance or any transport arrangements you may have made to join the trip. SKWT suggests you check with your travel insurance that the costs of flights, ferries or train travel (not included in the cost our your trip as outlined by SKWT) will be covered in the very unlikely event that SKWT cancels a trip.



6.1  All SKWT trips are designed to give you the very best wildlife watching experiences and we do everything in our power to achieve this. However, the natural world can be fickle and we reserve the right to change some of the details of your itinerary based on the conditions and information gleaned during your time with us.

6.2  Where accommodation has been booked, if there are extraordinary reasons that force SKWT to change accommodation (for example, should our original choice be affected by fire or flood) between the time of booking and the start of our trip then SKWT will do our best to ensure any replacement accommodation is of the same or higher standard.



7.1  Any dispute, claim or other matter which may arise in relation to your booking will be governed by English law and you agree that any dispute will be dealt with exclusively by the courts of England and Wales.

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